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Domain Portfolio Script $25 Only/-

Categorized Domains - Add, Edit Functions - New Categories - Rate - Offer
Reviews - Asking Price - Simple Yet Powerful Admin Panel.

A Personal Site for Domainers willing to showcase their domains.
Has a backend Admin Panel:
Add domains - Edit domains - Delete domains - Edit Registrar - Add Asking Prices for Domains - View Offers - Add Categories - Edit Categories - Delete Categories - Change Password - Move Domains from one category to other - Approve Comments
Front end has:
Domain listing - Browse By category - Simply Browse - Contacts Form - Rate it. for rating a domains name - Reviews - Make Offers and Total Offers - Link to your domain name - Registrar - Newest Domains - Top Domains - Built In Adsense - Captcha For prevention of automatic abuse.
Listing and managing your domain at one place has never been so easy. With domain portfolio script now you can place them at one place and attract potential buyers.


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